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Leder-Pflege.de Christine Wahl (c)

A "klick" at the thumbnail pictures in this gallery will open a popup window which will show you the picture up to the original size. To open these popups your browser must allow java scripting.
Self-evident, there is a twice copyright at all the pictures - one copyright is by Leder-Pflege.de, the other at the owner of the respective car, to whom I would like to say thanks for the allowness to publish the pics 

NEW ! Update: December, 16th. 2006


Steering-wheels -We do a refurbishment of your steering-wheel in standard colour from 50 to 60 Euro on.

before  lenkrad1.jpg (136693 Byte)  after the refurbishment  lenkrad2.jpg (330138 Byte) lenkrad3.jpg (337072 Byte)

BMW M-steering-wheel

m_lenkrad.jpg (182371 Byte) 


Ferrari GT Bj. 78 - 

Customers requirement: After the refurbishment, the seats should look as used seats and not like new ones.


ferr_vor2.jpg (167735 Byte) ferr_vor3.jpg (167071 Byte) ferr_vor_4.jpg (168006 Byte) ferr_vor_5.jpg (137827 Byte) 

after the refurbishment:

ferr_nach1.jpg (280609 Byte) ferr_nach2.jpg (245436 Byte) ferr_nach3.jpg (247346 Byte) ferr_nach4.jpg (246440 Byte)


BMW Z1 toprot / 0300 grey/darkgrey 

Damage on the seat - direct comparison:

Before: sitz_vor1.jpg (132853 Byte) ... and after the job: sitz_nach1.jpg (132669 Byte)



tom_vor1.jpg (148920 Byte) tom_vor2.jpg (147494 Byte) tom_vor3.jpg (73533 Byte)

After the refurbishment:

Zi-4A5.jpg (439668 Byte) Zi-5A1.jpg (313742 Byte) Zi-7A2.jpg (222956 Byte) Zi-8A4.jpg (350376 Byte) Zi-9A3.jpg (287313 Byte)


BMW Z1 purblau     

The customer delivered only the interieur parts to us. - What we did was: Cleaning, refurbish the nubuck-leather including tintinnabulation in the correct, original colouring. Because of the small mileage (only 18,000 km) the leather was in a very good condition, as the parts arrived here.


http://www.leder-pflege.de/bilder/galerie/ges_vor.jpg (68992 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/lehne_vor.jpg (39692 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/bilder/galerie/mittelkons_vor.jpg (112662 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/pad_vor.jpg (117086 Byte)


After the refurbishment:

http://www.leder-pflege.de/ges_nach.jpg (77468 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/lehne_nach.jpg (57656 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/mittelkons_nach.jpg (71735 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/pad_nach.jpg (114963 Byte)

Herausragend: Der Vergleich aufgearbeitete Beinauflage (links) mit original-neuer Beinauflage (rechts) gekauft 10/2004 bei BMW

vergl_alt_neu.jpg (176047 Byte)

Recolouring of a RAID steering-wheel

This is the steering-wheel of a "fungelb BMW Z1. These kind of sporting steering-wheels are mostly available only with black coloured leather. The interieur of this Z1 is drakgrey, so it clashes with the the rest of the interieur. So we recoloured the steering-wheel to darkgrey:


    http://www.leder-pflege.de/110587.jpg (36141 Byte) 


(as a little gimmick we recoloured the small leather parts in the outside colour of the car (fungelb))

Z1 "traumschwarz"

What we had to do: Refreshing the nubuck leather and repair the damages at the coated leather with LeatherFresh.


117_1731.JPG (126932 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/117_1735.JPG (1396956 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/117_1740.JPG (69416 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/117_1747.JPG (65724 Byte)


After the refurbishment:

http://www.leder-pflege.de/040501_-_Z1_Mai-Treffen_Bild_59.jpg (143379 Byte)  http://www.leder-pflege.de/119_1902.JPG (59978 Byte)  http://www.leder-pflege.de/heine.jpg (95350 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/DSC03019.JPG (87294 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/heine_sitz_kopf.jpg (42440 Byte)


BMW Z1 fungelb

What we had to do: Refreshing the nubuck leather and repair the damages at the coated leather with Leather Fresh


http://www.leder-pflege.de/garbe_vorher.jpg (177513 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/118_1835.JPG (57740 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/118_1836.JPG (76124 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/garbe_sitze.JPG (71141 Byte)


After refurbishment: 

Pictures will follow

Z1 "traumschwarz"

What we had to do: Refreshing the nubuck leather and repair the damages at the coated leather with LeatherFresh

Repair and recolouring the seats from original camouflage to BMW Z1 anthracite.


http://www.leder-pflege.de/118_1846.JPG (72891 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/trockenrisse.jpg (91842 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/118_1863.JPG (47473 Byte)

118_1849.jpg (81276 Byte)http://www.leder-pflege.de/118_1856.jpg (75021 Byte)


After the refurbishment:

http://www.leder-pflege.de/122_2243.JPG (27669 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/122_2256.JPG (75098 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/122_2257.JPG (48049 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/122_2267.jpg (70709 Byte)

http://www.leder-pflege.de/122_2259.jpg (59485 Byte)


BMW 328iA convertible

What we had to do: Cleaning, degreasing and recolouring with LederFresh black


http://www.leder-pflege.de/lederalt2.jpg (54177 Byte)  http://www.leder-pflege.de/lederalt1.jpg (152960 Byte)  


After the refurbishment:

http://www.leder-pflege.de/lederneu1.jpg (117972 Byte)  http://www.leder-pflege.de/lederneu2.jpg (123999 Byte)

BMW Z1 "purblau"

The original light-grey interieur should be recoloured to the original BMW Z1 anthracite.


http://www.leder-pflege.de/seitenlehne_hellgrau.jpg (74547 Byte) M123_2322.jpg (36853 Byte)

After the recolouring:

http://www.leder-pflege.de/seitenlehne_anth.jpg (74408 Byte)  http://www.leder-pflege.de/121_2124.JPG (58089 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/M123_2332.jpg (71274 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/M123_2337.jpg (51824 Byte) http://www.leder-pflege.de/M123_2331.jpg (83419 Byte)


BMW Z1 general:


The leather at the entry area is worn out and shiny, the colour of the leather is away

After the refurbishment

LeatherFresh in the original BMW Z1 colour has coated nearly all of the scratches - Small cracks will be filled up, the leather will be look well-tended.


The nubuck is bleached - greasy - with a smooth surface - fractional with a polished look.

After the refurbishment:

The hairy surface of the nubuck is restored, the nubuck has got back the original colour.

The NubuckFresh is characterisedesp by a only very small losing of colour. The leather will kept its original beauty.


Unworked condition:

right half of the part is brushed

totally brushed, but not recoloured


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